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Get the best Bourbon online. bourbon is a type of American whiskey made from at least 51% corn, complemented by grains like malted barley, rye, and wheat. The Bourbon Association also points out that it must age in charred new oak barrels and include no color or flavor additives. Other qualities that also distinguish a bourbon as well, include the characteristic sweetness of the corn, which can be absent in other American spirits such as rye whiskey.

These elements also make this wholly unique style of spirit so different from Scotch and other popular types of global whiskey. There are many best bourbon even in categories, but amongst the highest scores perhaps none of them are so singularly shocking as Bonneville Bourbon from Salt Flats Spirits.

At 95 points, this American bourbon out of Utah bested all other bourbons in the race. The whiskey takes its name from the famed flats outside of Salt Lake City, which have been home to record-setting motoring over the past century. The non-age statement bourbon is distilled in Salt Lake City using an otherwise unspecified high-rye mashbill. It pours a burnt honey hue into the glass, emanating caramel and candied corn in its generous bouquet.

While it’s assertive with vanilla and wood spice in the front palate, it fades softly into the finish with a curious formality. As noted by the tasters at USA Spirits Ratings, those floral components express themselves in the form of honeysuckle. Amongst others is also the W.L. Weller Special Reserve bourbon distributed by Buffalo Trace Distillery, this is a no-age-statement wheated bourbon that is a benchmark for the wheated bourbon category.

It is also increasingly hard to find because it’s produced in such limited quantities there tend to be considerable markups in retail making it difficult to source. If you are able to get your hands on a bottle close to the original price, however, this bourbon will represent an incredible value.

The success of this particular label of whiskey will come as a surprise to many enthusiasts simply because they’ve never heard of it before. However, the more you learn about its production and associated tasting notes, the less astonished you ought to be by its impressive performance on the competition circuit. Another incredible best bourbon is from Heaven Hill Distillery, called the Henry Mckenna bourbon and it was named “Best in Show” at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and with good reason.

Aged in oak barrels, this bourbon is the only extra-aged bottled-in-bond single-barrel bourbon available and offers a smooth, sumptuous, structured flavor profile. Candied sweetness on the nose, with coffee, milk chocolate, caramel, and coffee notes. It is very smooth on the palate with a noticeable mouth weight featuring notes of candied pecan, caramel, vanilla, stone fruits, white chocolate, and cinnamon spice.

The finish is long and sweet, with lingering chocolate and cinnamon notes. And for all its attributes, the price point isn’t as exorbitant as some other celebrated bourbons. Furthermore, our next epitome is best bourbon is the Maker’s Mark, this bourbon has largely been eclipsed in the affections of today’s generation of connoisseurs by a dizzying range of cult bottlings and hard-to-find special releases—but don’t count out this modern classic just yet.

This venerable “wheated bourbon” is delicious on its own, and also plays well in any classic whiskey cocktail. The best part about Maker’s Mark is the price because it punches way above its weight class, which is quite reasonable for something so versatile, complex, and well-crafted. Savory on the nose with herbal, fruity, and brown sugar aromas.

Smooth, oily, and slightly drying on the palate with notes of caramel, stone, and tropical fruits, and somewhat peppery. The finish is long and fruity, with a persistent pepperiness. And last but not least, we also have the Woodford Reserve which is a versatile, high-quality bottling to sip or mix with. You will find the typical bourbon notes of corn, caramel, vanilla, fruit, and oak on the nose and palate.

You can even refer to it as an absolutely flawless bourbon, and one of the finest examples of American whiskey in the world today. This bourbon is embedded with more complexity than other whiskeys in its price range and emphasizes its excellent value.


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best bourbon 2022

Bourbon continues to rank among the most popular distilled spirits in the world and it’s not just sales seeing a spike. As the number of producers in the world continues to rise, so, too, does the range of styles in the category, with distillers turning to innovative fermentation and aging techniques, as well as left-field grains, to stand out. Another year has come and gone, and a lot of bourbon has been enjoyed but 2022 holds a good year of the best bourbon category.

The 2022 release of Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old Bourbon is a standout product for the distillery. It absolutely nails the classic Wild Turkey flavor profile and perhaps more importantly, finds the perfect balance between its fruity and sweet notes against its aged oak flavors. It’s a feat many distilleries strive for, but very few are able to pull off.

Likewise, its impressive 13-year age statement makes its own bold statement, and it’s hard not to mention its amazing suggested price point of $100. The company has released a few 13-year bourbons in the past and even has two concurrently with this release, yet this year’s Russell’s Reserve 13 Year far outpaces them.

If you’re looking for a classic style bourbon with high age and impeccable balance, it doesn’t get much better than Russell’s Reserve 13 Year in 2022. Another amazing 2022 bourbon that has stood the test of time is the Yellowstone select Kentucky straight bourbon. Honoring the bourbon first produced in the late 1880s, before the company changed hands numerous times, Yellowstone’s Select is a fusion of four-year-old and seven-year-old Kentucky straight bourbons from seventh-generation master distiller Stephen Beam.

This bourbon is a descendant of the legendary Beam and Dant whiskey-producing families. More so, it is intended to celebrate the Beam family’s deep distilling roots, Yellowstone select has plenty of categoric bourbon notes, including vanilla fudge and caramel, plus summer peach, leather, and some brown sugar sweetness that complements the light, creamy mouthfeel and dry finish with savors of oak and white pepper.

Furthermore, another best bourbon 2022 profile also fits the Koval single barrel bourbon. Unlike most bourbon, Koval is produced in Chicago. A grain-to-bottle spirit, bourbon production begins with contracting local farmers to grow the grain, to on-site milling and mashing, to finally distilling, bottling, and packaging.

A single-barrel bourbon that’s unfiltered and organic, the Koval bourbon features a mash bill of 51 percent corn, plus 49 percent millet, aged in medium-charred American oak barrels for three to four years. The resulting liquid sees the millet complementing the corn, with no sign of bullying.

Profound mango notes are joined by characteristic vanilla and oak notes, plus a gorgeous cereal note with some faint apricot tartness alongside caramel, clove, and tobacco on the long finish. An interesting slow-sipper, or ideal in a horse’s neck cocktail alongside ginger ale and a long ribbon of lemon zest.

All said and not done, Booker’s true barrel bourbon is another outstanding match for the best bourbon 2022 profile. This is a small-batch bourbon produced by the Jim Beam distillery, Booker’s began as bottlings personally selected from barrels by Jim Beam’s grandson, Booker Noe.

Over the years, this bourbon’s releases have become especially sought after, with the rare barrel-strength bourbon bottled both uncut and unfiltered. As such, the whiskey won’t be for everyone, but it’s certainly a hit among many bourbon enthusiasts. This bottle of the ‘lumberyard batch’ from Booker’s Bourbon contains whiskey aged for just over seven years, pulled just before the famous Kentucky Derby.

Released in 2022, the whiskey is bottled at a robust 62.4 percent, with a high corn mash bill (77 percent) bringing balance to the heat of the alcohol. Elsewhere, Booker’s true barrel bourbon, batch 2022 is full-flavored with a gorgeous sugar and spice profile, complete with just a touch of pear, pecan pie, and leather on the finish. A true standout from the Booker’s Bourbon range.

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Best Bourbon 2023

Bourbon is undoubtedly the American whiskey style with the most international recognition, yet its resurgence has only taken off in recent years. Six bourbons won Platinum medals, and 13 won Gold Medals at the 2023 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards. The top bourbon in the Bourbon and Corn Whiskey Aged 4 – 10 years category that stood the test of time as the best bourbon for 2023 is Uncle Nearest, Single Barrel Whiskey Batch 002, 59%, 750 ml, 98/100 points.

The Uncle Nearest whiskey also took Best Overall Bourbon. The LVGSA Judging Panel described the Uncle Nearest Bourbon as savory on the nose with herbal, fruity, and brown sugar aromas. Smooth, oily, and slightly drying on the palate with notes of caramel, stone, and tropical fruits, and somewhat peppery.

The finish is long and fruity, with a persistent pepperiness. Also winning Platinum medals for best bourbon 2023 is Uncle Nearest, Master Blend Edition, Batch 025, 55.5% ABV, 750 ml, 96/100 points. The LVGSA Judging panel described the Uncle Nearest Master Blend as exhibiting pronounced caramel, vanilla, earthy, and fruity aromas on the nose.

Smooth and oily on the palate with notes of stone and tropical fruit, vanilla, and caramel. The finish is long, sweet, and fruity, with a persistent pepperiness. Furthermore, Larceny Small Batch is also amongst the best bourbon for 2023. The entry-level offering of Heaven Hill’s wheat mash bill bourbons, Larceny invites you in with characteristic sweet aromas and a hint of vanilla custard.

The palate adds subtle spice and doles out even more vanilla. This bourbon over-delivers for its price and continues to be one of the best value picks on the market. If you come across its charged, barrel-proof older sibling, be sure to pick up a bottle, too. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon is another outstanding brand that suits the best bourbon for the 2023 category.

The eponymous release from the Buffalo Trace distillery, this expression remains among the most widely available and easily obtainable from the brand. That doesn’t mean it should go overlooked, though. This is a solid entry-level bourbon with enjoyable caramel, brown sugar, and spice notes. It also performs valiantly in cocktails. A standout brand, winning seven Platinum and Gold medals.

Best bourbon for old fashioned
Best bourbon for old fashioned

Best bourbon for old fashioned

At various points along its evolution, the best bourbon for Old Fashioned was composed of different base spirits, including brandy, gin, and all manner of whiskeys, depending on the trends of the day. However, one of the favorite bourbons for Old Fashioneds that’s top quality and easy to find is Michter’s US*1 Small Batch Bourbon.

This incredible best bourbon comes in at 90 proof and delivers on bold, balanced flavors, holding its own in an Old Fashioned—and, more importantly, doesn’t break the bank. One can surely use higher-priced whiskeys, but it’s important to be picky and choose the whiskey for your Old Fashioned not by price, but by quality.

It’s impossible to talk about the best bourbon for old fashioned without mentioning Elijah Craig. The man whose name graces many a back bar was a Baptist preacher as well as an entrepreneur, an educator, and briefly even a fire chief in 18th-century Kentucky before he opened his eponymous distillery.

The bourbon that bears his name today is produced by Heaven Hill Distillery, and the marketing related to this brand has traditionally referred to Craig as “the father of bourbon,”.Since the introduction of the Elijah Craig Small Batch Straight Bourbon, the line has grown to include several other bottlings, including Small Batch Barrel Proof and Single Barrel offerings of 18 and 23 years.

This bourbon provides a sweet finish to each Old Fashioned while keeping the smoothness of the bourbon. Another bourbon brand with a long history in Kentucky that fits the best bourbon for old-fashioned brands is the Four Roses Bourbon. For decades, this bourbon has only been sold in Japan and Europe. Since then, it has steadily gained a following among bartenders.

At the historic Four Roses distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, 10 different bourbon recipes are produced separately and then blended together to form the entry-level “Yellow Label” Four Roses Bourbon release. Up a step in quality from the yellow label is the Small Batch, for which a select four of the 10 bourbons are utilized, with an average batch size of about 250 barrels. Not only is it a great bang for your buck considering that it’s a small batch bourbon, but it also has layers of flavors, which is exactly what you look forward to when drinking an Old Fashioned

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